Fabric Masks are home-; and hand made.

Masks are sold stock-on-hand, and no requests or custom orders are accepted at this time.

Stock (and new designs) will be replenished in weekly or bi-weekly intervals and shipping is every Friday for mask orders.

The disclaimer: These face masks will not prevent you from contracting COVID-19, nor any airborne viruses, but instead it is hoped pervasive use will stop asymptomatic carriers from inadvertently spreading the virus.

Please note that these fabric face masks are not medical masks and are not safe for usage in the Health sector. A mask must be used in conjunction with good hygiene practices.

Please wash your fabric face mask before first use and between uses. We encourage you to buy more than 1 in order to rotate and have time to wash them properly between uses.  

To ensure the longevity of your fabric mask(s), we encourage hand washing with hot water and washing powder, rather than machine wash.  Hot iron will neaten out the cotton and also sterilize - or leave them in the sun to dry (heat from the sun kills germs).

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