FABmarks are home-; and hand made.

We've uploaded some pics below of which fabrics are available in FABmarks.  Even if a fabric shows "sold-out" on the Book sleeves-; and pouches page, there might still be enough fabric in stock to create FABmarks.

COVID-19 Information & Updates
Restrictions: Level 3

Level 3 means "Stay at home, other than essential travel for work and to purchase essential goods."  It is discouraged to move around unnecessarily.

For more information visit: https://sacoronavirus.co.za/covid-19-risk-adjusted-strategy/

Only sleeves and FABmarks where we have fabric on-hand will be available during level 3 restrictions.  Items that are not available at this time are indicated accordingly.  Custom orders normally require "shopping around" for special fabrics, accessories and embellishments and are unfortunately not accepted during level 3 restrictions.

All products are home-; and hand made. It is encouraged to leave bookish goodies in the sun (heat from the sun kills germs) after receipt of order.  
To ensure the longevity of your bookish goodies, we encourage hand wash rather than machine wash.

Orders for collection not available at this time.

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